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UNIPULSE Corporation, established in April 1970, is a specialist in manufacturing of weighing, measurement and control electronics. These products feature the state-of-the-art communication for high speed data processing and computer control.

For 35 years UNIPULSE has been cultivating strong business relationships with various industrial corporations, government institutions and universities. Our efforts have allowed us to make many significant contributions to Japanese industrial automation and quality control. These achievements have solidified our position as the leader at the high end of the processing control industry with a 70% market share in Japan.

Our goal is to combine our knowledge with enterpreneuship to help our customers keep pace with ever changing technology. It is our mission to examine and understand the needs of our customers in order to help them become more effective and competitive in their industry.

Our products feature low cost and higher speed bi-directional network communication interfaces that allow simple 2-wire connectivity with Allen-Bradley, Omron, Mitsubishi PLC computer and other peripheral devices.

We are currently expanding our services to overseas and introducing our solutions to new customers. Please call us. We may have a solution for you.
UNIPULSE Corporation