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Title: F805 APLICATION SERIES  •  Size: 11857  •  Last Modified: Wed, 12 May 2004 01:57:50 GMT

  • Store 200 formulas, each with up to 30 material sequence steps.
  • Control up to 16 bin-gates.
  • Feed and Discharge with the same controller.
  • Name and store all formulas and materials without a PLC (or PC) with intrinsic Alphanumeric keypad.
  • Power down sequence protection.
  • "X-Y axis" graphic screens, data analysis, inventory control, and process sequence tracking all are internal to the controller.
  • PID Control (Proportion, integral, Differential) for fast and accurate process control.
  • Master-Slave interlocking management.
  • Loss-in-weight constant control is assured per minute or per hour.
  • Vibratory systems have unique control functions to compensate for load variability during re-fills.
  • Pulse input and accumulated weight pulse output.
  • Graphic aplit comparison screen displays up to three weight and/or flow parameters at once.
  • Select General Total, Batching Weights, On-screen tracking of batch cycles.
  • High speed filling is available until target weight is close, then a two-speed finish control is implemented automatically.
  • Process checkpoints are very obvious due to the graphic full color display screens.
  • Pulse input, and Pulse output of accumulated transported material.
  • Zero / Span moving calibration.
  • Moisture content compensation for material transported.
  • Alarm functions - flexible warning or automatic shutdown capabilities.
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