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The Unipulse Data Logger Series are easy to transport and are widely used for data collecting in various fields such as temperature, humidity, water level, precise displacement and so on. Power-save functions reduce the electricity consumption and improve on site life cycles. With the large capacity memory and the power save capability, the UNIPULSE data logger is enabled to collect data for very long periods of time. Data from the Data Loggers can be dumped into PC by simple operation.
UL120 Data Logger with Hybrid Sensor
  • The UL-120 data Logger possesses 16 channels for single-end voltage input and enables to select various input as the alternation or combination such as 8 channels for differentials, 8channels for thermocouple, 4 channels for PT100 and 8 channels for bridge input.
  • Built-in 4CH Power Source for outer sensors.
  • Various start/stop/ logging mode.
  • Measured data can be recorded in ALT-FLASH card in CSV text file style.
  • Three power source (AC/ DC/ Battery pack) will be adaptable for the operation in various occasion.
UL200 Data Logger Hard Disk Type
  • The UL-200 multi-channel HDD recorder possesses 8 channels analog voltage input (+/-1, +/-2, +/-5, +/-10), 16 bit digital input and voice input. All of them can record and reproduce simultaneously.
  • Data recorded in HDD pack can be connected to PC hard disk directly.
  • Compact and portable type, thus easy to carry.
  • Three power sources (AC/ DC/ Battery pack) will be adaptable for the operation in various occasion.